One of my greatest joys is sharing what I’ve discovered with others who are motivated to advance their leadership and serve on a board. Drawing on 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, corporate executive, Nasdaq company board member, author, and speaker, I’ve seen firsthand that you can achieve your goals and realize positive, lasting change by taking small steps every single day. See what people are saying about my solutions. If you want to gain greater clarity, lead from your strengths, communicate with greater influence, launch a business venture, and advance to a board of directors position, let’s connect!

Here are five ways you can benefit from my leadership expertise and continuing discoveries.

1: Discover tips and strategies on my website.

Questions Spark Success

I have written hundreds of blog posts where I draw on my own experiences, tap into the latest research, and interview experts. I write about board readiness, communications, and a variety of leadership issues in work and life.

If there is a topic you are particularly interested in, I’ve made it easy to search through previously written topics on my website. I know that one size doesn’t fit all — but I hope you can find ideas to work with your own strengths and unique situation.

Otherwise, please let me know if there is a challenge or opportunity I can help you with. You can reach me directly by email — I respond to all of my emails and  look forward to learning more about you! Many of my best articles were written in response to a reader question or concern.

I currently publish one new blog post a week, and when you subscribe, you’ll get my latest articles delivered straight to your inbox.

To get started, I’m even offering my popular eBook, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Communicators for free.

2: Book me as a speaker.


I’ve been speaking publicly for more than 20 years. I’ve headlined as a keynote speaker, served as a host and moderator, sat alongside top CEOs on panels, interviewed senior executives, and led roundtable discussions at professional conferences for businesses, universities, associations, and churches. Please visit my speaking page for more information.

3: Accelerate your path to serving on a board of directors.

As busy leaders, we build strategic plans for our businesses or clients. Yet we often don’t carve out the time to build a strategic plan for our careers, especially when the goal is to serve on a board of directors, or to grow a portfolio of board positions.

Two of the main factors that talented leaders don’t achieve a board role is that CEOs and nominating committees aren’t aware of good candidates, and good candidates don’t have a plan that helps them become board ready. In addition, good candidates often lack a disciplined plan that will give them greater visibility to board selection decision makers.

In my workshop, I’ll guide you in creating a customized strategic plan that works for you while de-mystifying steps that can accelerate your path to board service. You’ll also create an action plan to gain the visibility you deserve.

Email us if you’d like to be notified when our next workshop opens for registration in April, 2017.

4: Hire me as a business or executive advisor or coach.


I love to work with and executives and and entrepreneurs who want to take their businesses and success to the next level.

Drawing on over 25 years of experience starting and growing successful companies, I’ve helped CEOs clarify business goals, develop partnering strategies, helped them become more productive, and advised them on how to forge a path to serving on boards.

I take on a limited number of clients at a time. If you would like more information on coaching packages, please email me.

5: Get the Pocket Mentor mobile app.


If you want to advance in your leadership, you need the advice of a mentor who has been there and done that. Now you can have the benefits of a mentor delivered to your Smartphone every day with the Pocket Mentor mobile app. This is ideal for leaders and their team members.

If you have other ideas for how we might work together, please email me. Please note that I’m not taking on new angel investments at this time.